Monday, November 21, 2005

Wrap-and-Go Jumper

This was a very easy jumper to make and I loved it. I think I made it in 1975 or 1976, but I can't find a copyright date on the Butterick envelope. It was semi-fitted and flared, with a buttoned bib front, and attached straps that crossed in the back. I think I lengthened it a bit so it was just below the knee. I made it in a blue denim and I think I top stitched it in red.

The photo of this jumper shows me in California in 1976 sitting with my husband's brother who was being a gracious host and had taken our whole family to Disney Land. My husband's parents were divorced when he was about 2 years old so he had two families, one of which we rarely saw. This brother had visited us in 1961 in Champaign when he was about 12 years old, but we hadn't seen him again until this trip. The two brothers have spent more time together in recent years, and their father died this past Spring. Not only are they now close friends, but they share many traits. Whereas the brother my husband grew up with lives near by, but they have no common interests and very different lifestyles.
We lived in three different states, and you always think, "someday," but here are the four brothers and sisters together in 2003, the first time since 1952. But they are as bonded as any siblings I've ever met, and I love them all, especially the guy on the left. Maybe the parents couldn't get along, but their children do.

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PJ said...

I love your sewing stories and the pictures of the old patterns! It's funny, but I have also been going through my old patterns because I'm sewing some Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. I wanted to make my granddaughter Emma a ballerina costume because she adores the one I made for her mother (which I still have!) but she is now too big to fit into it. When I tried to find a pattern to make a new one, do you think I could find such a pattern? No. Not a one. So I hopped onto the Web and found a lady who was selling one that was exactly what I wanted. Now all I have to do is fight will huge mounds of pink tulle as I'm assembling the creation. Yikes!

Norma said...

Until I started this blog, I had no idea how many people were selling "vintage" patterns. It really is amazing. I haven't figured out the pricing; seem to go from 10 for $1 to $60, and I don't see much difference, but I'm sure the collectors do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Susan said...

My mom made me a wrap jumper in about the 5th grade (74-75). I loved it. I also wore a lot of store-bought and mom-made wrap skirts in the '80's while playing my cello...they were nice and full!

Zoanna said...

I remember wrap skirts on windy days. Quite a show of leg there (and underwear, too, unfortunately.) The worst part was, for some reason I never knew my skirt had flown open until I had quite an audience first. Hmmm...My memories of wraps go to the not-so-fond heap.

mona maddy said...

I have been looking for the Wrap and Go jumper pattern for years in a large or extra large. Any ideas where I might find one?

mona maddy said...

Would really like to find a wrap and go jumper pattern in large or extra large. Any ideas?