Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boxes under the beds documentation project

Under the beds, on the shelves of closets, stacked in the basement. You're not going to believe me when I say I'm not much of a collector, because here I am writing about old patterns stuffed in a drawer, and I haven't sewed clothing in probably 25 years. But today I actually found on the internet an inventory sheet to record quilt findings, "BOXES UNDER THE BED QUILT HISTORY DOCUMENTATION PROJECT." Here is the PDF for the form, which can also be printed in Word. If you are interested in this historical project, go to

I do have my grandmother's quilt blocks in a box under a bed, and I think it also contains fabric from the clothes I made for my daughter, which I'd planned to make into a patchwork quilt, but never finished. I'm going to dig it out today and print out this sheet. I also have a good sized box of Grandma's quilt patterns, and this online quilt project also includes documenting those. What a find. Don't you love the Internet?

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