Monday, November 07, 2005

Party like it's 1965

This snappy red wool dress was made for ringing in the New Year 1965. As I recall, the ruffle was a bit tricky. I can't remember what party we went to, but dinner was served at midnight and there was dancing with a live band. It was probably at a hotel.

We had an interesting island in our kitchen designed by my husband in the White Street duplex. On the tall side I could cut out the fabric, and on the other side where we sat to eat, I'd have the sewing machine. There were two very large windows too, so I had good light, and there was room to set up the ironing board.

I made version C (right) in a light weight red wool

After a few years, a ruffled party dress wasn't too practical with two small children, so I removed the ruffle and wore it a number of years as a jumper. I still have the dress hanging in my "vintage clothing" closet.

Birthdays 1969

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