Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cousin Amy's Big Girl Dresses

Amy is 2.5 years older than my daughter and her mother is a fine seamstress who still makes craft items like purses, so we benefitted in the 1970s from her hand-me-down "big girl dresses." One of my all time favorites is the red dress with the print yoke and sleeves. We used this one on a Christmas card.

This dress was sort of a gray blue with a silver pattern. It had a straight body with a flaring ballerina type, below the waist skirt.

The children are doing one of their art projects, almost a constant activity in our home. We also took them to art shows, which was no fun for them, and neither have ever shown any interest in art as adults. Our son went through the airplanes, fantasy figures and cartoon phase in junior high, but that was about the last time I saw any art from his fingers. This shows our kitchen eating area before we replaced the metal casement windows, an "improvement" added in the post-war 1940s by previous owners.

This was the first day of kindergarten at Tremont School with Amy's little skirt, blouse and scarf, and we almost waited too long--another month and it would have been too short! I think it was a disappointing day for my daughter because it was just sort of an introduction and then everyone went home.

When I unpacked the baby clothes last week-end and didn't find these three dresses I decided I must have returned them, either for Amy's daughters, or for her sister Heather, who is three years younger than my daughter.

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