Thursday, November 03, 2005

The House on Hannah, pt. 2

In the second photo of the My favorite dress entry, I'm sitting in a rocker that my parents started out with in 1934. By the late 50s my mother had refinished and recovered it, and it was later given to my sister Carol for her first home, and I think may have been passed on to her children--there were two chairs. The sewing cabinet to my left is now in my dining room, and my mother's huge Merriam-Webster 2nd International Dictionary sits on top. Inside, I have some old spools of thread that belonged to my husband's grandmother which I occasionally use--they are probably 80 years old.

In the third photo you see one of my mother's designs for covering up old radiators. I'm not sure she actually did the carpentry herself, but it is certainly possible. I can recognize most of the books because she still had many of them when she died in 2000. Although the set right above my hat doesn't look familiar.

House on Hannah Avenue

The barn on Hannah

I'll have to ask my sibs about this, but there appears to be an addition on the back of the barn with a chimney, as though it was an apartment. There were no interior walls there that I recall, only a workshop.


Jane_of_art said...

Who's the kid with the mohawk? Lice running through town?

Norma said...

That was very popular in the 50s. That's my brother, now a stockbroker.