Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Maternity outfits

When my sister and parents drove to Champaign for my graduation, she brought along a wonderful surprise--matching maternity outfits. This was her third and my first, so I hadn't worn any special clothing to that point and was still wearing street clothes. She was a much better seamstress than I and made many outfits for her daughters, and for me and my daughter over the years.

I'm pretty sure I made this maternity outfit shown here with my mother in her back yard in 1964. There are a couple of clues--puckered seams and a badly done hem. I just hated to mess with seam binding, and sometimes just turned the fabric under, making a bulky and unprofessional looking hem. I have no recollection of the fabric or color. Patrick's death was my third loss, and I think I packed all the maternity clothes up and gave them away. Except for the next photo.

This smock was a pink and rose print as I recall, and for many years I used it as a paint smock or a cover up if I was doing something messy. It may even be around the house somewhere. But 30 years later, it was sort of snug, so it may have gone to Good Will. The photo was taken in my in-laws backyard on Mitchner in Indianapolis the summer of 1964.

I don't own this pattern, but made the long sleeve, peter-pan collar version.

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