Monday, November 28, 2005

Sewing with knits

Once I got the hang of it, sewing with knits was easy. I could do up a t-shirt for the kids in about 90 minutes. I remember making them matching t-shirts with the Pepsi logo and they wore them when we went to amusement parks so I could spot them quickly if we got separated. I don't seem to have a photo of them both wearing the shirt.

My daughter's wearing the Pepsi shirt, but my son had one too. They're sitting on their outgrown, but favorite toys, a big wheel and a hippity hop. My parents were probably visiting for Easter, because the horrid flowering quince (it will take over your yard and then the neighborhood) is blooming behind them. I can see a new stockade fence in the back, put up by the neighbors who had no children and assured us it was for a backdrop for their new landscaping. It just happened to keep all the neighborhood kids from cutting through. They only lived there about 18 months.

I also see two of the scruffiest cedar trees you've ever seen (about 30 years old) back there. We had to get permission from the city and the neighbors to cut one down so we could put a garage there where you can see the swing set.

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