Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Too old to play with dolls, pt. 2

This school photo shows me in a pink cotton print dress identical to the one on my doll in the earlier pt. 1. So I know exactly the color and fabric, because there is a miniature version sitting in my guest room. Mother often made doll clothes from the scraps of fabric of the dresses she made for us. This one however, being a larger doll, was probably planned this way.

I was never particularly sensitive about the gap between my front teeth, but in 1977 my dentist referred me to an oral surgeon who changed that. Maybe he didn't like it? The procedure is called a frenulectomy (frenectomy or frenotomy) and removes the piece of muscle or skin that prevents the teeth from moving together. After that, all my teeth simply shifted into place. But criminy! It's painful.

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