Thursday, November 03, 2005

Midis and Maxis

Some of us looked really awful in mini-skirts that roared into popularity in the late 60s. I was one of them. Thankfully, the midi and the maxi came into popularity to save us. I can't even tell you how many times I used this pattern--usually for the skirt. Once I started looking through the old photos, I think I spotted it in a 1982 photograph, and here it is in a 1971 portrait of our family.

You can't see the skirt in this photo, but it was a very nice brown wool tweed. Instead of making a short vest, or a calf-length vest, I made one that was just a little above the thigh in a brown cotton suede, lined in a polyester. It was really a lovely, very practical outfit.

My daughter's dress in this photo is a red, white and black plaid, and I'd also made my son a little jump suit, short pants, and myself a long skirt in the same fabric. I think I made those for the Christmas of 1970, and by the time this photograph was taken 10 months later, he had outgrown his outfit.

Wool tweed skirt with brown suede vest

October 1971

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