Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sewing for sons, pt. 2

The vintage pattern sites are full of patterns for robes for boys and men, and an occasional shirt, but little else. When I went through my pattern drawer, I found two almost identical patterns. In fact, except for a price increase and and number change, I can't see much different.

Both are size two, so I'm assuming I got the older one perhaps from borrowing some patterns for infants and toddlers from my sister, but forgot, and purchased one. I did make my son an olive colored velour type robe with no buttons and a tie belt.

Although you can't tell much from this photo, my son had a subdural hematoma developing from a fall, which eventually almost closed his eyes from the collecting fluid. We realized why he'd been crying so much when I happened to touch his head and it was "squishy." His mop of curly blond hair had completely hidden the injury. After the swelling was absorbed, he got his first haircut.

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