Friday, November 04, 2005

Little green dress all grown up

In the previous entry I mentioned the little green dress with the big puritan collar that I made for my daughter. The pattern is no longer with us, but the little dress made an appearance at my daughter's wedding in 1993. I don't know if this is still popular for wedding receptions, but then it was the thing to do--blow up a photo of the bride and groom as children.

In this photo her cousin Brandon (now about 6'3") is giving her back the garter, which apparently he managed to snatch when it was tossed. The reception was in the church fellowship hall, so there is a video screen behind the table. And no, that isn't champagne on the table, but sparkling flavored water. She had a budget for the wedding, but from the looks of the dress, I suspect she went a bit over. It was made for her by a dressmaker, but not by me. I'm not my mother!

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Ayekah said...

The dress caught my eyey right away, it's very beautiful, as is she..........:)