Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another dress for work

When I first reviewed this pattern, I had no recollection of the dress, and I was pretty sure I hadn't made it. Look at those pleats and cuffs on the sleeves. Just didn't look like something I would tackle. Nor was my mother making my clothes in the mid-1960s. I think I paid a classmate in library school to make this one. It was a very nice soft wool and the skirt was lined in the same color.

I looked through my albums twice and finally located it as Christmas 1969.

The Christmas tree was in the dining room that year so I could put up the baby gate and keep the babies away from the tree (our TV was in the living room). At another time I'll write about the Christmas tree skirt, which doesn't show in this photo because we didn't get it until 1976. Near the top of the photo I see a little Santa Claus favor from our First Community Church couples' circle Christmas party. I think I still have it.

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