Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Young ladies of the 50s had clothing choices, pt. 2

Five years after the photo at the kitchen table studying sophomore literature, I was studying Russian and Spanish at the University of Illinois. As I noted in a different blog, the housemother of McKinley Hall didn't know that Brazilians spoke Portuguese so when I said I'd like an international roommate who spoke Spanish, she matched me up with Dora, who was from mainland China via Brazil and a private Catholic school in Indiana where she'd learned English. But it was a most fortunate mistake, because she was delightful and we are still in touch. Today she is a well known Boston artist. I have a scrapbook of her Christmas cards.

Dora and I are sitting on the lawn and I'm wearing a moss green calico print skirt in what I've chosen to call the "pioneer" design. It had one large ruffle below the knee. Something makes me think that Dora had graduated and was back for a visit with her grad student sister when this was taken.

Here we are in 1988 in Boston at the Art Museum when I was attending the Medical Libraries Association Meeting. It was like not a day had passed. The days of big hair and big shoulder pads.

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