Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The last prom dress

Except for the cummerbund, I think Mother just pieced this one together from two other patterns--a full skirt and a v-neck top. I seem to remember we went shopping for the material--the top was a dark forest green linen and the full skirt was a flocked nylon with little pink flowers and greenery. I wore the same pink shoes I'd worn for my sister's wedding. Mother made this for my senior prom, and then I wore it two years later for the I.F. Ball at the University of Illinois, and I don't remember what happened to it. Nor do I remember what I.F. stands for. Something . . . fraternity.

The theme of the prom that year was "Mexican Promenade. The decorations were always provided by the junior class, and it was preceded by a banquet to which all juniors and seniors were invited. The "Mello-Tones," a group of 16 girls, provided the music (according to my high school annual). Looking at the annual photos, I see fewer strapless gowns, and also a number of the boys are in rented tuxedos--which I don't think was the case even 2 years earlier.

This photo must have been taken in a friend's room at McKinley Hall because I don't recognize the walls, but most of the furniture was certainly Spartan or possibly prison-issue style even for those days. We had no doors on the closets, only hanging curtains. But we did have a nice big window and a sink. I loved it there and made many wonderful friends.

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