Friday, November 04, 2005

The skirt that never looked quite right

December of 1964 I must have done a lot of sewing. I would start graduate school in January so I was probably filling time. This outfit never quite looked right. I'd matched the pattern in the fabric correctly, but it seemed to sort of run uphill toward the waist, don't you think? I always had to adjust the patterns for my small waist (sounds better than big hips, right?), and I think I probably did something wrong, darted or nipped in or something.

This photo was taken at my parents' home on Lincoln Street. I don't know whose arm that is, looks like David's as there were no other little boys yet. The painting on the wall is an oil done by my maternal grandmother who was a very good artist. Many years later I found a tiny account book of hers that listed artist's supplies and rent for a studio. She had attended college, but was a victim of the times, and couldn't get a teaching job because her father could support her (not even a husband!). Somewhere under that tree is a wood jewelry box from my husband that I still use.

Here's a photo of the same skirt for Christmas 1969, by then we were living in Columbus with our two little precious ones. I also made the dress my daughter's wearing, but I'll write about it another time. The little jacket my son is wearing he was baptized in back in the summer. In those days he had blond, curly hair. Now he has black, curly hair, but the eyes haven't changed at all--still like little coals.

The print over the couch was our very first piece of purchased art--we got it with green stamps around 1966 I think. Artist is Bernard Buffet (d. 1999). Looking at it now, I'm mystified that we were so in love with it--or that I would lick all those green stamps to get it. Tastes change.

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