Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The lime green pants suit

This almost screams "the seventies," except from the size of my baby son, it was 1969. I can't find any photos where I'm wearing the complete outfit, but those lime green slacks really show up in a lot of pictures. This is the pattern.

And here we are in the spring of 1969 in front of that awful flowering quince. I was wearing this outfit in a February '69 photo, so I must have made it during the winter. The fabric was sort of a linen weave, heavy cotton, very nice texture which held its shape well.

Our high school age babysitter, Kristy Mellum, lived in the stucco house behind us. When my husband built a fence to help me with corraling the children, he included a gate so she (and later the neighborhood kids) could get into our yard.

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jan said...


I bought that same pattern!!!
I just had a flashback to my own green pant suit at the time. It was a little softer than lime green, as I remember, but maybe my memories are a little softer.

Did we really think we were making a fashion statement with that pattern?