Wednesday, November 09, 2005

They lied

The current women's movement lied about a lot of things, but especially they lied that you could make a pair of slacks that would fit! Women who didn't get into the "movement" and burn their bras, apparently went to the fabric store and stocked up on funky fashion fabric. This a 1971 4 page instruction sheet on how to make--pants. Flares, gauchos, knickers, jumpsuits and "city shorts," which I think later were called "hot pants." At that time, my right thigh measured the same as my waist. Now, I don't care how you adjust the pattern, or how many inches you add to that crotch depth, something looks very strange. And jumpsuits! You might as well just be sawed in half and save yourself the trouble the first time you try to sit down.

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