Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The extra bedspread fabric

Today I've created a new blog called Memory Patterns. The idea comes from looking at scanned sewing patterns on other sites. So I decided to try to match the patterns with old photos and old memories. Should be fun. Unfortunately, I sold a lot of my patterns at garage sales or traded them, or gave them away.

The dress I made for my daughter, caught in this charming school photo, was from left over fabric, gold, tan and teal, I used for our King sized bed. I don't remember why I bought so much fabric, but I also made a tie out of it for my husband. He later wore the tie to his office "ugly tie contest." Wide ties were very popular then, and many women were making their husband's ties.

I would have used the fabric requirements for view B size 7, the jeans top, although I made the dress, so would have used 7/8 instead of 3/4 of a yard. Although, I certainly had a lot of fabric left over. Suggested fabrics were lightweight cotton, muslin, seersucker, polished cotton, gingham, challis, surah, and cotton knits. The dress had a back zipper with puffed sleeves with elastic casings and a front yoke with vent. I think I made several dresses from this pattern, but the bedspread print seems to be the only one that will live in our memories, and albums.

The copyright date on this pattern is 1973, which means I probably made it when my daughter was in second grade. She's probably smiling like that because some teeth are missing. This child/woman, speaking of teeth, has never had a cavity.

The King sized bed had a few adventures too. When we decided to change to a queen sized water bed, we gave half of the king size to my son, and half to his friend George (he changed his name, but I don't recall what it is now). When our son moved out, I think we gave him that bed. He doesn't seem to hang on to our furniture very long, so I don't know how long he had it.


Seva Alieva said...
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Anonymous said...

I love looking at patterns as well as buying them. Your sewing blog is very special. Now I want to go dig into my stash of patterns. I especially like to look at the price of them and how they've changed. Somewhere I have a one my sister in law gave me ala '30's or '40's.