Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sewing for Sisters, pt. 4

It was a busy Spring 1955 for Mother. My sister and I (front) are both wearing outfits she made for us; mine was a polished (shiny) navy blue cotton with a detachable linen pilgrim collar, white lacy buttons, fitted at the waist with a big flared skirt, and my sister's was a light-weight wool, lined navy suit with a short jacket, mandarin collar and bound button holes. I've looked through the vintage pattern sites, but can't find anything that resembles either her suit or my dress.

This is the only copy of this Olan Mills photo, the one the promotion promised for the low, low price in hopes you'd buy more to send to the relatives. It was taken in the old Kable Inn in Mt. Morris which even 50 years ago, had fallen on hard times (is now an apartment building). Apparently, our parents thought we didn't look very good, but after 50 years, I think it is adorable. It was an important milestone year. Carol was graduating from high school and going into Brethren Volunteer Service, Stan was graduating from grade school, my oldest sister would be getting married and leaving the nest in June, and I, well, I ended up with this picture because everyone else was busy.

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