Friday, November 11, 2005

Sewing for Sons

Today is Veterans' Day 2005 so I'm going to show some photos of my brother dressed in outfits my mother made from my father's Marine uniforms. As I recall, she made a little sailor outfit from his dress whites, and little coveralls from his camouflage fatigues. I may have to dig a little to find extras of the photos, because this album of photographs was given to a nephew.

This was taken in front of our house in Alameda.

This is back home in Illinois, after we got our house back in 1945. She may have made the sailor hat too.

At an earlier entry I mentioned that Mother made mittens for us. She used the wool from Dad's uniforms to line them. Waste not, want not.


kerrilynn said...

I have always been taught this way throughout my life..never throw anything away! I came into your site to try to find some help in learning how to sew myself, and what sewing machine to buy. can you help in any way? I am going to be a newlywed soon, and have two teenage boys (I am a widow), and need to conserve as much as possible. thanks for anything you can do for me. kerrilynn

Norma said...

I'm certainly flattered, but you've definitely found the wrong seamstress. There are some wonderful sites on the internet about sewing and machines, but not mine, which is about when I used to sew. If you don't find anything on google, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. I have sources.