Monday, November 14, 2005

Baptismal Dresses

Because I was raised in the Church of the Brethren which does not baptize infants, I knew very little about baptismal dresses, and there weren't any in my family to pass along. So when we were to have our daughter baptized at First Community Church (Church of Christ/Congregational) in June 1968, I decided to make us matching dresses. Sort of. I bought a very pretty white flocked organdy, sort of like a dotted swiss, but with big dots. I think her dress is packed away in the box of baby things stored in my daughter's basement. I gave her the box when we moved to the condo, thinking it might produce a grandchild, but apparently keeping baby clothes in the crawl space isn't how that's done. I think I made a number of little dresses from this pattern--blue, yellow, red--but don't seem to have the pattern.

My dress wasn't worn often. I think I wore it to the baptismal service, and changed clothes to have our photos taken. It was a wrap around style, just above the knees and had cut back armholes, nor did I find a belt I liked. But I still have the dress. This morning I went into the "vintage" closet and dug it out. Doesn't show up too well in this photo. I need to read the instructions on a manual setting for the digital so it doesn't over expose.

In 1976 we joined Upper Arlington Lutheran Church where she was confirmed and married.


Jane said...

I love that dress. I can't say that about that Maxi dress- thing.

Jane said...

Cat's name please? She needs her own blog.