Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Too old to play with dolls, pt. 3

Remember my story about my dolls, Sue and Sam, which pattern I used to make dolls for my own children. Although I don't know where the dolls are (probably in a box at my daughter's home), I did find a photo of our cat, Mystery, wearing Sue's little out fit, so that at least provides the color scheme.

Mystery was a bicentennial baby, so that would place this photo in 1976, because she is still a traumatized kitten desperately trying to escape my children in this photo.

My husband and daughter brought Mystery (so named because she was so young we didn't know her sex) home from an Indian Princess camp out at Camp Akita. They found these little kittens at a near-by farm and they all ran away, except the little black one who was too sick to run. That's the one they brought home. She lived for almost 18 years, and when she could no longer see to jump up on my lap, I carried her to the vet and said good-bye.

The children are apparently playing dress-ups, because my son is wearing the jacket of one of my suits from the 60s, and has one of my belts around his neck. So they dressed up the cat too.

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