Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Slacks Pattern

My mother saved my letters and I'd periodically retrieve them.

I made a black skirt a week ago, and it didn't turn out too bad. Everyone I saw in the stores was $50. With my courage up, I decided to try a pair of slacks. When I tried them on, I couldn't get them past my knees, so I had [daughter] try them, since she wears a 9 in slacks, and she couldn't get them up either. So, either there was something terrible wrong with the pattern, or I really goofed. The whole thing, pattern and left overs, went into the trash. I was so disgusted.

However, I seem to have the skirt pattern, although no photo of my wearing it, nor do I remember this skirt. Pattern view A, flared and on the bias, was cut.

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