Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You're welcome to browse. During the month of November, 2005, instead of jumping into NaNoWrMo, I just wrote 75 blog entries until I was finished with the topic--sewing memories, linking my patterns to photographs and sometimes fabric or the actual item. Along the way I discovered lots of vintage pattern and sewing sites, which I've linked to and will add as I find more. Several times I've suppressed the impulse to uncover my sewing machine and bring it up from the basement. It's been lots of fun going over the photographs and spotting things I thought I'd forgotten.

Update: September 2006. The statistics at this blog are running about 8-10 visits a day. I'm glad people are finding and enjoying it.

Update: January 2008: The stats are still about the same. Lots of people wanting old apron patterns it seems. Enjoy!


PJ said...

I like your warm, wonderful, cozy family stories ever so much better than when you write about politics.


Norma said...

Do you suppose it's because we're on different sides of the political spectrum and we both love our families?

WDL said...


I can't find your e-mail address buried in my notebook, but wanted to tell you happy new year!

Its been a pleasure being an online colleague, hearing your point of view, and reading about your passions.

my best,

Zoanna said...

Norma, I wish I had clicked over here a few weeks ago. I read through many, many of your posts and enjoyed every picture. What a creative adventure, to attache journaling to things sewn through the years. Wow. I have many stories, too, like that. Just never thought to write about them.
Thanks for sharing. I was so sad to read the one about what your son was wearing the day he died. What happened to him?